Experience ancient history through this free tour of the Hebrew Tabernacle.

This living museum will come to Harrah, OK Oct 24-Nov 1, 2020. This living museum is a terrific way for all ages to learn about the historic sanctuary built by the Hebrews to worship God.


Oct 24 – Nov 1, 2020 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily
Reservation Required

Messiah’s Mansion will be at:
18750 NE 63rd St, Harrah OK 73045

Messiah's Mansion



We want to let you know what we are doing to minimize the risk of infection to our guests.

  • Smaller Tour Sizes – By limiting the number of people in a tour, we can ensure for more physical distancing.
  • Hand Sanitizer Stations — We have stationed hand sanitizer through-out the exhibit.
  • We Are Masking Up — Our staff and tour guides will be wearing face coverings, or talking behind plexiglass. We ask that those attending also please wear a face covering.
  • Outside Tour — The entire tour will be given outside, under tarps to allow for maximum air flow and circulation.
  • Sanitizing Chairs — We have allowed for space between tours to give us the opportunity to sanitize the chairs between each group of people.


Messiah’s Mansion has been touring since 2003, operated by Oklahoma Academy in Harrah, OK. These high school students, along with many dedicated volunteers, have brought this traveling life-sized replica to 15 states, as well as Canada and Jamaica. No matter where the Messiah’s Mansion Tabernacle goes, it has generated interest from schools, churches, families, and local history buffs. It is an unforgettable learning opportunity!

A Glimpse Inside

Special Tours Available Messiah’s Mansion has openings in the mornings for special groups to have personal tours. For scheduling, please call 405-454-3590 or


18750 NE 63rd St, Harrah OK 73045